• 320 L : Good for families of 3-5 members
  • Reciprocatory Compressor : Standard type of Compressor with Easy Maintenance
  • 3 Star : For Energy savings up to 35%
  • Frost Free : Auto fridge defrost to stop ice-build up

Product Description

All of us must have cribbed at some point when we had to bend down to take something out of the fridge. They’ve heard our troubles! By placing the freezer compartment at the bottom, Haier has reduced the number of times you have to bend down to get something by approximately 90%!

Ice Ice Baby

You have guests coming over for a party and you realize that there is no ice at home. Don’t panic, with the 1-hour Icing technology you can put your worries on ice. By bringing the freezer temperature down to -5ºC in 60 minutes, ice is made much quicker and your favorite drinks that much more cooler.

Crisp and Fresher Veggies

Who doesn’t want fresh crispy veggies in their fridges? Thanks to the vegetable crisper drawer in this refrigerator, freshness is guaranteed. Store more for longer in the large crisper and avoid having to make multiple trips to the grocery store.

Twist, Collect and Use

Storing and using Ice from this refrigerator is that simple. It comes with a twin Twist ice tray. Just twist it and all the ice will collect in the box below. Take the box out and use the ice. You can also store ice in this box for occasions when you know you’ll be needing a lot of it.Other Features

Adjustable Feet front/Rear 3 Star Rating Door Lock Top LED Light