Product DescriptionBring home this refrigerator from Samsung that is packed with attractive and convenient features. It has been designed keeping in mind the freshness of your food and its longevity. Featuring a Cool Pack in the freezer and Cool Wall in the fridge, you can be rest assured that your food will be kept cool for up to 12 hours during power cuts.

Stabiliser-free Operation

This Godrej refrigerator can operate consistently without a stabilizer, thanks to this feature. Capable of operating within a range of 100 – 300 volts, it eliminates the need for an external stabilizer, while protecting your appliance from voltage fluctuations.

Cool Pack and Cool Wall

Samsung understands your various cooling requirements and has hence introduced a Cool Wall inside the refrigerator that keeps the fridge environment cool for up to 12 hours during power cuts. There is also a Cool pack in the freezer compartment that can also keep cool for up to 12 hours.