Sensible Guide Of Disposable Sanitary Pad 
There’s you don’t need to sacrifice your pretty lingerie for your periods. Let them be because they disposable Kotex Overnight Super-absorbent Period-wear Sanitary Panties will give you a hygienic and convenient solution. They are suited to heavy and regular flow, and provides a 360-degree protection from leakage.
All-night Protection
Get your eight hours of beauty sleep regardless of whether you’re with your periods. These overnight panties give you a 360-degree anti-leakage protection; go ahead and sleep in a position you’re comfortable in.
3D Design
Designed to copy a sanitary pad and two panties within a, these personal hygiene essentials perfectly satisfy your body to avoid any front, side or back leakage.
Soft Material, A Comfortable Wear
These panties are constructed with breathable cotton to make sure your comfort. Their super-absorbent core offers total protection while their panty-like fit eliminates the probability of any discomfort.
No Mess, No Fuss
Position the blue-colored waistband from the panties in the front. These panties can be worn just as you would wear regular underwear; you don’t must wear another couple of panties outside these Kotex ones.
  • Sanitary Pad
  • S
Usage Type
  • Disposable
Ideal Usage
  • For all night usage. Suitable for heavy and regular flow. 
  • Useful for size S/M
  • No
  • No
In The Box
Sales Package
  • 2 pieces
Number of Contents in Sales Package
  • 2
Body Features
Top Cover
  • Cottony soft material
  • Long absorbent core with flexible 3D design to prevent front, back and side leakage.
Wing Features
  • 360 stain protection
Other Body Features
  • Panty like fit , combines panty and sanitary napkin in one.
Additional Features
Other Features
  • 360 coverage for complete protection from leakage.
Other Dimensions
  • Waist size: 52 – 90cm

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